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Celebrities behaving badly

Rather, I prefer to do a tell-all of sorts where I can draw attention to some of the very kind and hard-working artists with great handlers that we have had the honour of working with.  In my own way, I just want to pay tribute to some for not letting their egos get in the way of the work, and for treating us with respect.  Their attitudes and mutual respect just made us want to work harder for them - I really wish more people understood that.  You can read more about it here on my blog if you are interested, and I will continue to add to this page as time permits as there are many I wish to thank!

Those of us working in film PR often joke that one day we'll all write exposés on some of the ridiculous behavior we have witnessed from artists and their handlers behind-the-scenes (and we have seen a lot), but why do that?  Why keep this bad energy in circulation?