In January of 2013, I heeded some great advice from some very inspirational authors I've read (click here to see who), and I can honestly say it has transformed my life.  I started to get up each day at 5:00 am as opposed to 7:00 am - so basically, I found a whopping 730 extra hours in this year just for me!  I've re-discovered and re-connected with my artistic side and started an illustrated journal, and I even mustered up enough courage to build and launch this site.  Before this routine, I honestly didn't know that I was capable of expressing myself in this way, but drawing has lead me to find my voice somehow.  

The drawings, this site, and the direction I'm moving in is all fairly organic at the moment, but considering my entire life and career has been somewhat organic, I’m kind of OK with that.  Actually, come to think of it, I'm very excited about that!!!  


(aka, "SSB")

I am an executive currently working with Touchwood PR; the Co-Founder of Pioneering Women; a closet artist and a passionate baker/cake designer who has worked primarily in the Canadian film industry for over 20 years.

I refer to myself as an "Accidental Vice President" for the simple reason that I never ever set out to climb a corporate ladder.  If someone had suggested to me as a young liberal arts student that I would end up as a Vice President working in PR in the Canadian Motion Picture Industry, I would have suggested they were crazy.  But that is exactly where this road has taken me. You can read more about that road trip of mine from my first blog post here.

Personal experience taught me that when I set my primary goal to help others grow, it actually fueled my own growth exponentially.  Without a clue or any training on how to properly manage or lead, let alone as a VP, I did just that.  I chose to pour my heart and soul into my staff and to help foster their growth and as a result - they chose to carry me and for that I am most grateful.  I now have a much greater appreciation for the power of positive leadership, and have witnessed the destructive power of the lack of it.

Susan Smythe-Bishop